North Liberty Plaza North Liberty Plaza

Why Liberty Plaza?

Architechtural detail of Liberty PlazaLiberty Plaza is an established retail/commercial plaza boasting a variety of successful businesses. The physical property and management offer flexibility and adaptability to allow success for a wide range of varying business entities.  Direct access with turning lane, larger than typical signage and lower and less variable expenses are advantages that Liberty Plaza offers inherently. 

Liberty Plaza continues to improve itself with increased services, conveniences and infrastructure for the business owners. It provides landmark reference to any business located at Liberty Plaza. Management provides build out assistance, design and project management assistance, creative lease writing and are willing to do the extra work to assure your business success. We are committed to it. One way this is provided is by offering leases that are inclusive. NO NNN (Triple Net Expense). Pay only rent and utilities and some leases are true gross leases where utilities are actually included.